Overview of Scenic Spots


The former address of Nanhu Central Ecological Park is at the subsidence area Kailuan coal mine which is precipitation by 140 years. After years of building, the surface area of lake become 11.5 square kilometers, 133 kinds of landscape are made, central area is 5.4 square kilometers. For the characteristics of the place, the two lakes which is placed at west and east is the 'core', 'Dance of Phoenix' is used for the body, building a layout is called 'One Line with Eight Park'. At the two sides of the main line, the Designer Park, the International Park, the Domestic Park, the International Sculpture Park, etc., total of 8 Special Parks. The area is based on environment and tourist's need, make a body is named 'Double Cross with Triple Longitudinal', made four main parts, they are wetland experience, agricultural tourism, forest recreation and green space sports. All facilities in the scenic spots are synchronized planning of national 5A scenic spots. Venues and exhibition gardens are multi-functional, permanent building. They leave sustainable services for the city. April.15.2018, according to the approval of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, scenic spots become free to every visitor. It took the chance for leapfrog development to the scenic spots. As a model of ecological restoration in the world, it is showing its beauty to the world. October. 2018, scenic spots went into 'Nanhu Era'. Light water dance show, love, lakeside plank road and others began to use. Nanhu Spring Festival Lantern Festival cultural activities became more important. China, Tangshan Shadow Play Garden, Amorous Botanical Garden, International Park, Domestic Park and other boutique format was put into operation. It has given full play to the function of urban public space and promoted the transformation and upgrading of urban economy and high-quality development, take a great start to 'Nanhu Era'.


Kailuan country's mine park is placed on 'The source of China's roads and mines'. It finished building on October 2008. First time open on October 2019. The park is placed on Kailuan Tangshan mine, which is mining for 142 years and named 'the Best Mine in China'. It is a national 4A level tourist attraction with red classics and black charm. The park is made by mining culture expo area, "national protection" site sightseeing area, fashion culture leisure area, include Kailuan museum, underground exploration tour, China railway source museum, China's first best mine 1878, era 1906 and a series of pavilions and scenic spots. Kailuan country's mine park became a unique cultural charm of the city name card and search for the spiritual home of memory by typical rare modern Chinese industrial relics, rich rare collections and Kailuan working class spirit of "special fighting ability". Many scholars called that a China's mining culture sacred hall which is 'no place to compare and no place to replace'. Kailuan country's mine park is nostalgia, fashion, exploration, leisure, novel and fun. It condenses black glamour, inherit red classic. It recalls industrial civilization, interpret city gene. China's modern industry is coming from Kailuan country's mine park.