‘Country Protector’ Site

In the 'Country Protector' Site, there are lots of mining site. It will take you to see the century-old industrial heritage classic, touch the vicissitudes of modern industry. China's first best mine (Tangshan mine no. 1 well), China's railway source (the beginning of the Tangxu railway), China's earliest railway road overpass bridge culvert (reach road), and Tangshan mine no. 2, no. 3 Wells and the sixth batch of "provincial protection" scattered along the starting point of the railway road will let you recall the difficult and surging years at the beginning of China's industrial rise.


'Country Protector' Site shows the large winch which is introduction from overseas at the beginning of the 20th century, China's earliest thermal generator set, and other first-class cultural relics, rare collections and old photos were introduced from abroad in China's first mine 1878 exhibition hall and electricity era 1906 exhibition hall. This site tells about the source of China's road and mining twists and turns in the course of development, is an excellent coal science and research base.