the Source of Chinese Railway Museum

The Source of Chinese Railway museum is built based on the remains, industrial buildings and artifacts of the source of China's roads and mines


The exhibition is divided into two parts: interior and exterior. For the interior, the exhibition hall presents touching historical facts such as the rise of westernization, the beginning of the railway, the root of the railway, the core of the railway, the death of the railway and the rise of the railway. The exhibition hall strongly demonstrates the fact that the Tangxu railway is the source of China's railway, and vividly narrate the hard course of the development of China's railway and locomotives from the starting point of the Tangxu railway. For the exterior, the exhibition hall including China's railway source site, steam locomotive train array, Tangshan old railway station (reconstruction), Tangxu railway landscape overpass and other scenic spots and facilities The monument of "the source of China railway" and the landmark of "zero kilometer of China railway" stand erect and tell the glory of 100 years ago quietly to the tourists. Kailuan workers recovered the "dragon locomotive", the first standard gauge steam locomotive imported from China - no. 2 steam locomotive and "Hongzhang Li inspection float" - no. 11 steam locomotive. As well as the rusting old steam locomotive and railway maintenance car, the composition of the grand steam locomotive vehicle array, take you to recall the rough development of the source of China's road and mine; The rebuilt Tangshan old railway station building style west wind east gradually, antique. It is a nice choice to take pictures to commemorate.