Downhole Explore

'Downhole Explore' is a collection of experience, display, leisure functions in one of the underground exploration areas. It is transformed from an old mine tunnel located tens of meters below the main museum, which is winding and fascinating. The design is naturally connected with the main pavilion. Visitors can take the elevator from the fourth floor of the main pavilion to the underground tunnel, and experience the mysterious, exciting and fun "underground exploration tour" tour.


Through the dreamlike 100 meters "space and time gallery", into the crisscrossing ancient roadway ruins, like entering an underground maze. Downhole Explore real reproduction from the original coal mining to modern coal mining nine real working face. You can see the things is shown on your coal notebook. You can find the stable in the past, the transportation of horses and mules, the civil air defense project in the special age, and the colorful geological world, which brings you infinite curiosity and reveries.


At the explore, you can stay in the quiet underground leisure bar, or in the country's largest underground 4D movie hall at present, into the dangerous "carboniferous Permian", feel the magic of nature. You can also take a bus tour through the deep and dark underground space to appreciate the unique charm of mining culture.