Kailuan Museum


Kailuan Museum based on accurate historical data, abundant exhibits and novel exhibition forms, this paper expounds the formation and origin of coal. It records the historical trace of the origin of China's road and mine, and recreates the cultural memory of Tangshan city, which was inspired by coal. 'Kaiping mining bureau old stock' is the earliest stock in the world in China, this stock is collected in the museum. Dusted for a hundred years, the "sheepskin masked ledger", the track on China's first quasi-rail railway, the "transcripts" of the transnational lawsuit of "Kaiping mining rights fraud and occupation" are also be kept in the museum. There are also 48 first-class cultural relics, 72 second-class cultural relics, 326 third-class cultural relics, and tens of thousands of treasures. It describes the creation of more than 20 modern Chinese industrial history of the first, leading people to carefully read the unique charm of mining culture.