Shadow Play Garden

Tangshan Shadow Play Garden, China is based on the design concept 'Dancing shadow puppets, Marching Tangshan'. Shadow play is the main design element of the garden, it is called one of 'Three Flowers of Jidong'. The garden combines Tangshan's shadow puppetry culture and modern fashion. These two elements make the garden become one of the best Outdoor comprehensive parent-child paradises in China.

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The overall planning area of Shadow Play Garden is 350,000 square meters, divided into three phases. The current main event is focus on building two major areas, the low-carbon planet and the children planet, covering an area of 225,000 square meters. Shadow Play Garden is a novel and chic family parent-child theme park. It is also a Tangshan city unique theme park brand.

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The build of Shadow Play Garden let citizens see parts of the result of 'Nanhu Era', feel the charm of low carbon and environmental protection.

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