Amorous Botanical Garden

Amorous Botanical Garden is located on the core area of Nanhu scenic spots. It was the important pavilion of 2016 Tangshan world garden fair. The overall positioning of the garden is 'plant dream garden'. The design style is based on the concept of Tangshan's rich mineral resources. Through the interpretation of materials and forms, Tangshan takes coal as its root and iron as its life, its tough will and rich landform are reproduced, and the cultural intention of the east and the memory of Tangshan are shown in the frame landscape. The design of the pavilion is novel and unique, and the building space is complex.


The project covers an area of 39 mu, with a construction area of 13,000 square meters, three floors above the ground and a height of 23 meters. The exhibition area is 66,000 square meters, divided into five landscape areas and one science district. The topic of landscape areas are Dream Garden (Entrance Area), Flower Dream Ripple (Four Seasons Flower Area), Orchid Pavilion's Dream (Orchid Area), Green Valley Remote Dream (Tropical Rainforest Area), Dream Sand Dunes (Psammophyte Area). Total planting of 1,033 tropical and subtropical plants.


The project integrates scientific research, science popularization, landscape and rest, and makes full use of science popularization, education and aesthetics to provide visitors with a new type of urban open space with leisure and education functions.