International Park

The total land area of International Park is 9.1 hectares, of which the exhibition park covers about 2 hectares, and the supporting building scale of the exhibition park is about 25,000 square meters. The body is shown as 'One Shaft, Two Corridor, Three Area, Many Points'. The functional area includes exhibition park, supporting building area and public landscape area. The topic of International Park is 'Happy Everyday', use the concept of "sponge city" into build of the park. The exhibition park is divided into gardens and horticultural features of various countries in the world. There are 10 exhibition parks in the United States, Italy, Hungary, Britain, France, Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, South Korea and Japan, highlighting the horticultural level of the participating countries. The supporting building area shows the architectural style of each country and set up the related supporting services. The public landscape area includes public activity square, plant landscape, etc. International Park entered the site for construction in April 2015, and basically completed in February 2016. In the process of frugality, innovation and seeking for differences, the scenic spot strives to build the international garden into a unique "forest garden", and to pass on to the world the great aspiration of Tangshan, a heavy chemical industrial city, for green development, transformation and upgrading. The International Park has created many daily, colorful, participatory, romantic and practical modern horticultural landscapes, forming exotic forest walks and waterfront rest Spaces, so that visitors can fully experience the pleasant mood of 'people walking among the trees, flowers accompany the journey'.


In the International Park, we built the Hungarian pavilion into the Budapest restaurant, the German pavilion into the Munich beer restaurant, and the Japanese pavilion has a Huaishi food restaurant. These restaurants not only have the traditional culture of various countries, but also integrate new techniques, new materials and new concepts. Based on the unique resources and cultural characteristics of south lake, they demonstrate the concept of harmonious coexistence between the city and nature.

XZHI6410.jpgXZHI6096-HDR.jpg一心怀石料理景观(20181104) (2).jpg