Long Mountain


Long Mountain is placed on the south of the midline. It was construction waste and fly ash stacking site before transform. It covers an area of 384 mu, with a height of 52.5 meters, including 282 mu of green area, with a greening rate of 73%. 17,500 trees and shrubs were planted, covering an area of 150,000 square meters, and the hardened pavement covered an area of 68,000 square meters. Include six main landscapes, Long Source, Flower Stream, Flower Valley, Rock Park, Flower Ocean and Long Mountain Attic. Long Source covers an area of 15 mu and is located at the top of the main peak. The traditional garden stone piling technique, combined with the dragon culture totem stone carving, represents the holy land of the dragon source. Flower Stream covers an area of about 21 mu. Through the treatment of mountain height difference, it creates the effect of mountain water stream and adds dynamic landscape to the whole mountain. Flower Valley display the application of local native plants and woody flowering plants, simulate the natural mountain plant landscape in north China. Rock Park covers an area of about 27 mu, it combines many rock plants with landscape rocks to form a landscape of rock plants and give play to the role of science popularization and education. Flower Ocean located on the west side of the mountain, the main axis of the world expo is enhanced by many ornamental flowers and topographical changes. Long Mountain Attic located at the top of the mountain, covering an area of 1.11 mu, the building has three floors modeled after the style of the tang dynasty, with a height of 30.3 meters and a floor area of 1,105 square meters. The building is modeled after the "Baojin building" by the yuan dynasty painter Zhenpeng Wang.